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About us

piramida_fot_aijakrodere-93-copyWelcome to the clinic “Piramida”!

Pyramid stands as a symbol for growth, security, stability and infinity. It is a symbol of humanity, which we see as our final aim.

The clinic was launched in May 2003 and during the ten years of existence our clinic has gathered a solid team of medics, which have been appreciated by customers both Latvian and foreigners.

Our job is to help our customers to check their own health, using the most modern methods of diagnosis. We cure and help to regain vitality by letting our patients always feel welcome and appreciated by us.

Our specialists are working for the whole family. A wide variety of specialists, including specialists in infertility, are available at the clinic. We perform a set of simultaneous treatment for both partners, which will help in understanding the tactics of treatment and progress. If necessary, doctors have also been specializing in IVF operations.

During the existence of the clinic already a large number of families has reached a real family happiness, in anticipation of the long-awaited child, about which we are delighted.