Clinic Piramida - Prices | Gynecologist in Riga | pregnancy | analysis | health check and examination


Gynaecologist Consultations

Initial Consultation to Dr Zumente 80EUR
Follow-up Consultation to dr Zumente 50EUR
Initial Consultation 45EUR
Follow-up Consultation 35EUR
Consultation for Pregnant Women 30EUR
Smaller Consultation for Pregnant Women 15EUR
Initial Consultation for Full Time Students and Retired Women 35EUR
Follow-up Consultation for Full Time Students and Retired Women 20EUR
Small Consultation 20EUR
Small Consultation for Prescription 10EUR


Oncocytological Analysis 10EUR
Smear Analysis 5EUR
Urine Analysis 5EUR
STD Analysis (chlamydia, gonorrhea) 20EUR
STD Analysis (ureoplasma) 10EUR
STD Analysis (ureoplasma,mycoplasma) 13EUR
STD Analysis (ureoplasma, mycoplasma with a/b sensitivity) 15EUR
Postcoital Test 25EUR
Biopsy Extraction 25EUR
Aspiration from the Uterus 25EUR
SWIM UP Semen Test 40EUR
Semen Analysis 25EUR
Oxidation Test 30EUR
Semen DNA Analysis 45EUR
STD panel 43EUR


Videocolposcopy (with a biopsy analysis) 35EUR (60EUR)
Cervical Procedure with SOLCOGYN 20EUR
Uterine Spiral Insertion 35EUR
Uterine Spiral Evacuation 15EUR
HyCoSy 75EUR
Removal of Sutures 15EUR
Intramuscular Injection 3EUR
Intravenous Injection 5EUR
Subcutaneous Injection 3EUR
Insemination 190EUR
Insemination with Donor Semen (in clinic EGV) 550EUR
IVF Operation 700EUR
Fertilized Egg Input in the Uterus Cavity 280EUR
IVF Operation with Microinjection 1000EUR
Anesthesia for the Surgery 200EUR
Embryotransfer Procedure 430EUR
Hysteroscopy with Histological Evaluation(performed in clinic EGV) 350EUR
Ovarian Cyst Puncture Under General Anesthesia(performed in clinic EGV) 220EUR
Cardiotocography 15EUR


US Gynaecological 15EUR
US for Pregnant Woman 30EUR
US for Pregnant Woman- twins 35EUR
US for Abdominal Cavity 35EUR
US for Prostate Transabdominal 30EUR
US for Prostate Transrectal 30EUR
US for Testes 30EUR
US for Thyroid Gland 30EUR
US for Breasts 35EUR
US for Soft Tissue 25EUR
US for One Joint 35EUR
US for Lymph Nodes 25EUR

Andrologist Consultations

Initial Consultation 50EUR
Follow-up Consultation 40EUR
Small Consultation from 10-35EUR
Consultation for Couple 80EUR

Other Specialists

Urologist’s Initial Consultation 30EUR
Urologist’s Follow-up Consultation 20EUR
Endocrinologist’s Initial Consultation 30EUR
Endocrinologist’s Follow-up Consultation (if Consultations were within a year apart) 22EUR
*Oncologist’s Consultation 30EUR
*Neurologist’s Consultation, Applied Kinesiology 45EUR
*Neurologist’s Consultation for Children(<18y.o.) 30EUR
Physiotherapist’s Consultation, Applied Kinesiology 35EUR
Physiotherapist’s Consultation 30EUR
Physiotherapist’s Consultation for Children(<18y.o) 25EUR
*only in cash

Pneumologist Consultations

Initial Consultation 30EUR
Follow-up Consultation 20EUR
Spirography 10EUR
Spirography with Bronchodilatation’s Test 15EUR
Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Frequency Registration and Analysis 15EUR
Sleep Diagnostics- Polygraphy 80EUR
Positive Air Pressure (PAP) Machine’s and Mask’s Lease for a Week for Titration Purposes 60EUR