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Māra Zumente

Māra Zumente

I work as a gynecologist for more than 20 years and the longer I work, the more I say “thank you” to the fate that I chose the right profession. It does not allow you to fall into routine and makes you learn something new every day.  Of course, there are also  dark and melancholic pages in between, but there are not so many of them and sometimes we learn from them the most.
Even as a student I was especially interested in infertility treatment. My teachers were Assistant Professor Ira Smilškalne and dr.Ingrīda Drulle. Since 1992 I worked in the Latvian Family Centre, as well as the later in the clinic “EGV”, where I started learning and practicing IVF procedures.

During these years, I have become a real “family doctor” – many families come to me in 3 generations, therefore I have to be competent from children gynecology to the menopause.

I am involved in the Latvian and European Association of Contraception, as well as trying to regularly attend professional congresses and courses abroad.

In my free time, I am happy to be with my family- in addition to two daughters and husband there is also a dog and cat. I love traveling, skiing in the winter and swimming in the lake from early spring to late autumn. I am interested in yoga, astrology, numerology, and I believe that although there are lots of things we do not know in the world, we are each placed in the right position to be able to be happy.