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Following the latest trends, clinic aims its operations to a happy family life by advising not only women, but also men. Specialists in gynecology and andrology provide an opportunity to make sure the both sides of family are healthy.

Modern technology and radiological services provide the opportunity to gain clarity about one’s health status more quickly, conveniently and accurately.

Gynecological massage is highly recommended especially for women with infertility and sexual problems. It usually is prescribed by a gynecologist after a special analysis and investigation.

Visit at a neuropathologist is recommended for various neurological pains. Among other symptoms, there might be dizziness, balance and mobility problems.

In most cases, different types of complaints of brest are related to the physiological progress of a woman’s body. However, to completely rule out the possibility of cancer, we recommend screening at clinic “Piramida” with our oncologist. It is always better to check twice.

Various endocrinological problems, such as thyroid dysfunction and diabetes, we recommend a visit to our endocrinologist.