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The clinic “Piramida” was launched in 2003. During these years, there has been a growing number of loyal customers who appreciate the qualified specialists and pleasant atmosphere in the clinic.

All services are available at the clinic's premises at 27 Kalnciema Street, in a renovated historic wooden building, which has been completely rebuilt to meet the needs of the clinic.

In the beginning, we specialised in infertility diagnosis and treatment for both men and women. This work is ongoing. In-depth health examination, as well as joint therapy, are carried out simultaneously for both partners, which allows for more effective defining of treatment tactics and progress. Now, many families who visited the clinic while waiting for their firstborns, come together for regular health checks, as well as use massage services and participate in gym classes.

As the clinic has grown, many specialists have joined us - family doctor, neurologist, dermatologist-venerologist, orthomolecular specialist. Patients is also consulted by physiotherapists, oncologists, cardiologists, traumatologists, surgeons, allergists, psychotherapists, etc.

In the surgery room, we carry out diagnostic and curative operations. We have opened day rooms where patients can stay after surgery or during infusions.

A new direction is rehabilitation - therapeutic physical education both individually and in small groups for adults and children as well as for parents with children. Medical massage, manual therapy, including applied kinesiology, osteoreflexotherapy.

In the area of preventive medicine, we offer nutritional counselling. 

A completely new direction in the operation of the clinic “Piramida” is professional aviation medical examinations and compulsory medical examinations for employees of different companies.

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Ltd. “Klīnika Piramīda 3″

Kalnciema street 27, Rīga, LV-1046, Latvia

Phone: 29124727; 25713215


Working hours:

Monday till Friday 8.00 - 20.00

Saturday - by appointment

Sunday - closed

Klīnika Piramīda is accessible for people with movement disabilities.

Parking accessible for clients.

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