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Day patient ward - surgery

Clinic Piramida's day hospital features a minimally invasive operating theatre equipped with the latest technologies, instrument sterilisation rooms and comfortable patient rooms. In the operating theatre, qualified and experienced clinic specialists perform minimally invasive surgical procedures under the supervision of an experienced anaesthetist when general or spinal anaesthesia is required. The day hospital also provides injections, infusions and other treatments that cannot be done at home.

In a day hospital, the patient initially receives a medical consultation, during which detailed information about the patient's complaints is obtained, and a plan is made for examination, consultation and treatment that is suitable for the conditions at the day hospital.

Details about anaesthesia, diet before and after anaesthesia

Day hospital surgical services:  


  • general surgery:

    • groin, thigh, umbilical, abdominal wall, white line hernia surgery;

    • atheroma excision;

    • lipoma excision.

  • endocrine surgery:

    • thyroid surgery;

    • parathyroid surgery;

    • surgery for deep localised cysts and masses in the neck.

  • proctology:

    • HAL- RAR, LPS laser surgery, STARR, LONGO, Milligan-Morgan, Ferguson surgery;

    • resection of anal and perianal polyps and growths;

    • resection of anal fissures with mucosal plastics;

    • drainage surgery of anal/perianal/transsphincteric fistulas, resection with mucosal plastics, filling of fistula passages with biological materials;

    • Karydakis (pilonidal sinus surgery);

    • resection of lipomas, papillomas, atheromas;

    • diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment of ODS (obstructive defecation syndrome, rectocele, colonic invagination, rectal prolapse);

    • proctological operations (pararectal fistulas, caudal epithelial passages) using VIVOSTAT technology (fibrin glue enriched with healing-promoting cells).

  • traumatology:

    • ​arthroscopy of the knee;

    • arthroscopy of the shoulder;

    • arthroscopy of the elbow;

    • arthroscopy of the foot joint;

    • excision of atheroma, lipoma;

    • ganglion surgery;

    • excision of Bursa;

    • Dupuytren contracture surgery;

    • carpal or tarsal tunnel syndrome surgery with nerve decompression;

    • removal of internal fixation of bone from the greater tibia;

    • removal of internal fixation of bone from the lesser tibia.

  • urology:

    • cystoscopy;

    • flexible cystoscopy;

    • flexible cystoscopy with biopsy;

    • flexible cystoscopy with stent evacuation;

    • foreskin and/or lingual frenulum surgery;

    • hydrocele plastic;

    • spermatocele surgery.

  • gynaecology:

    • ​hysteroresectoscopy;

    • uterine abrasion with histological analysis;

    • mammary puncture under ultrasound guidance;

    • vaginoplasty/perineoplasty;

    • labia minora reduction;

    • excision of perineal/vaginal masses (including the Bartholin's glands);

    • intrauterine device insertion under general anaesthesia.

  • cardiology:

    • electrocardioverter.

  • oftlamology:

    • ​upper eyelid correction;

    • lower eyelid correction;

    • correction of both eyelids.

  • phlebology;

    • ​EVLA laser surgery for veins. In Latvia, laser surgery is the most used method in phlebology. A laser probe is inserted into the vein through which a laser beam is guided. The laser evaporates the water in the vein, closes the vein, and connective tissue forms where the operated vein was. This is a more gentle vein surgery compared to the classical option, where the vein was pulled out.

Patients spend only part of the day in a day hospital, so they can continue their daily activities at home or, in some cases, they can return to work. You can stay in a single or double ward at the day hospital.

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You must bring your identity document (passport or ID card) and insurance policy (if you have one) with you when you arrive at the day hospital. You should take with you all your previous medical records - statements from previous hospital stays, test results, medications you regularly take at home.

You must arrive for surgery on an empty stomach and bring a nightgown, robe and slippers.
Free parking is available in the territory.

Price list

You can find out more about the clinic's day hospital services by calling +371 29124727, or by sending an email to

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Ltd. “Klīnika Piramīda 3″

Kalnciema street 27, Rīga, LV-1046, Latvia

Phone: 29124727; 25713215


Working hours:

Monday till Friday 8.00 - 20.00

Saturday - by appointment

Sunday - closed

Klīnika Piramīda is accessible for people with movement disabilities.

Parking accessible for clients.

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