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Avio medicīna
Baha ziedu terapija
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Certified allergist, pediatrician. Provides allergist consultations, diagnoses and treats both children and adults in cases of acute and chronic illnesses. Performs spirography, allergen tests and allergen-specific immunotherapy. Practicing doctor and allergist in Jelgava Polo Clinic, Bauska Hospital, as well as in other private clinics in Latvia. She is a member of the international organization EAACI (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology), as well as a member of the Latvian Association of Allergists, the Latvian Association of Pediatric Allergists and Pulmonologists, the Latvian Pediatric Association, as well as the Latvian Association of Doctors. Regularly improves knowledge in courses and seminars in Latvia and abroad, as well as participates in international conferences and congresses, creates educational materials for parents of allergic patients. He also participates in the training process of new doctors - students, residents, conducts seminars and gives lectures.

Specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases:
- atopic dermatitis;
- allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis;
- bronchial asthma;
- acute/chronic urticaria;
- anaphylaxis;
- food allergies.

- recommendations for additional examinations,
- creation and management of a treatment plan;
- consultations on examination results and blood test results;
- recommendations for therapy.

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Certified  child allergist, pediatrician. A practising pediatric doctor, an allergist in Children Clinical University Hospital, emergency and observational department, as well as in the  consultative polycolical. Trained in Kiel (Germany) at the UKSH Alergology and Dermatology Clinic. The guest doctorate at the AAI Morphology Department of the University of Riga Straditins, gives  anatomical lessons to medical students. Is a member of the European  Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, regularly increases  knowledge in courses and seminars in Latvia and abroad.

Specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of children's allergic diseases:
- atopic dermatitis,
- allergic rhinitis/conjungtivitis;
- bronchial asthma;
- allergenic-specific immunotherapy;
- acute/chronic urticaria;
- food allergies;
- anaphylaxis



Aviation medicine




Therapy (orthomolecular medicine)








Music therapy

Neurology, manual therapy (applied kinesiology)




Sports medicine

Traumatology - orthopedics



Dietetics (nutrition)


Aviation medicine
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Avio Medical expert. Accepts flight attendants and 2nd class pilots.

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Certified  family doctor, internist, aviation medicine specialist. Completed  “Aviation Medicine Basic & Advanced course” (2009/2010) in Frankfurt.
Continually complements her knowledge and professional skills in international and local continuous education courses.

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Parental leave.
Certified doctor in dermatology, venereology.
- Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic diseases of the skin, hair and nails.
- Diagnosis, treatment, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
- Advises on skin care.
- Performs dermatoscopy, punch biopsy.
- Cryodestruction of benign skin formations (warts, papillomas, keratomas, etc.).

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An experienced and professional dermatologist advises patients on:
- skin disorders;
- sexually transmitted diseases. Anonymous diagnosis and treatment of diseases is possible.
- performs examination of moles, diagnosis, biopsy with histological analysis.

Specialises in the treatment of skin disorders of children and adolescents.

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Certified endocrinologist.
Consults, diagnoses and treats patients with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hyper/hypoparathyroidism, thyroid pathologies, electrolyte imbalance, osteoporosis, adrenal and pituitary diseases, as well as menstrual cycle disorders, infertility and other endocrine diseases.

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Certified  endocrinologist, Chairman of the Latvian Association of Endocrinology.
Practises at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital.
Consults patients with endocrine disorders:
- diabetes mellitus;
- thyroid disorders;
- adrenal, pituitary and sexual hormone disorders.

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Physiotherapist and trainer whose goal is to improve patients' functional condition and quality of life using a personalized and proven approach. Work with clients combines the knowledge gained in the fields of physiotherapy and sports.

- adults, teenagers;
- children from 3 years old

Therapy uses:
- therapeutic exercise according to an individually developed plan (including various therapy methods);
- sensorimotor integration for children with developmental disabilities from 3 years of age;
- ⁠kinesiological taping;
- classical and sports massage.

Sofia believes that preventive exercise is important, so she invites clients not to expect pain and to exercise together - in small therapeutic exercise groups!

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Certified physiotherapist with 6 years of experience. RSU bachelor's degree in physiotherapy.
- Works with postural disorders, correction and education in movement and breathing patterns.
- Works with back pain, orthopedic and traumatology patients.
- Therapeutic massage and taping.
- Work with adults and teenagers, children up to 3 years old. according to the principles of the Prague Rehabilitation School - Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization.
- Advises parents on the baby's sequential physiological development.

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Consulting people with various disorders caused by posture asymmetry - back pain, joint pain, balance and coordination disorder, migraines.
Specialises in:
- consultancy for patients following trauma, surgery, various spectrum of musculoskeletal alterations and pain;
- sports injury cases;
- consultation for athletes of different sports to prepare for a competitive start and promote recovery, and reduce the risk of daily injuries during and/or after training;
- exercise classes, individually and in groups;
- preparation and integration of exercise plans for home conditions;
- classic medicated massage;
- sports massage;
- massage with banks;
- kinesiological typin;
- dynamic typing (for joint stability and improvement of movement);
- Manual Mulligan therapy.

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Certified  physiotherapist, RSU Bachelor's Degree in physiotherapy, experience in  rehabilitation of adults and children. Has improved her professional  skills by attending pilates and yoga classes.
Bobath therapy for  babies, including handling training for parents; introducing safe and  healthy activities for every stage of child development
assessment of posture  and gait in children, adolescents and adults; development of a effective  exercise plan for posture correction and muscle balance;
chronic pain and  post-traumatic, postoperative pain, physiotherapy supplemented with  kinesiological tapping and myofascial massage techniques.

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Professional masseur and sports trainer.
full body massage;
sports massage;
massage with cupping;
aromatherapy massage;
lulur body procedure;
champi massage;
massage with hot stones.
Provides group gymnastics for seniors, pregnant women, children and parents with children.

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Certified  Physiotherapist with a Master's Degree, Applied Kinesiologist. 19 years  of experience at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital,  Department of Rehabilitation. Lecturer at Riga Stradins University since  2002.
Since  2005, the International College of Applied Kinesiology in Applied  Kinesiology, Psycho-Kinesiology, Manual Therapy, Proprioreceptive  Neuromuscular Release Therapy, McKenzie Therapy, Kinesiological Tapping,  etc.
physiotherapy in neurology,
applied kinesiology,
physical training for pregnant women.

Therapy (orthomolecular medicine)
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Certified gynecologist and obstetrician, USG specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, colposcopy specialist

Counsels patients with various gynecological diseases, contraception issues, performs antenatal monitoring of pregnant women, and also monitors the postpartum period.

Specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical precancerous diseases.

Performs gynecological and pregnant ultrasonography. Obtained FMF expert certificate in ultrasonography and prenatal diagnosis of high-risk pregnant women.

Small gynecological operations are performed in a day hospital.

Regularly improves knowledge at international congresses and seminars.

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Experienced gynaecologist with Western and Eastern medical study experience.
diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological diseases;
choice of appropriate treatment therapy based on the day of menstrual cycle and the moon phase, type of personal constitution;
counselling of adolescent and adult women.

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Professional gynaecologist and maternity specialist.
gynaecology of children and adolescents;
treatment of menstrual disorders, inflammation;
methods of contraception;
treatment of menopause complications;
pregnancy diagnosis and pregnancy monitoring;
gynaecological ultrasonography.

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Certified gynaecologist, advises women of all ages on a wide range of complaints.
care of pregnant women and treatment of postpartum disorders;
family planning issues;
in mutual cooperation  with the patient, explains the nature of the physiological processes in  the body, causes of the illness and the possibilities for treatment.

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Certified gynaecologist, Bachelor’s Degree at Riga Stradins University (2003).
Specialises in gynaecological diseases:
menstrual disorders;
uterine fibroids (myoma);
endometrial polyps;
ovarian cysts;
polycystic ovarian syndrome;
pelvic inflammatory disease;
sexually transmitted diseases;
premenopause, menopause.

on the most suitable method of contraception;
on pregnancy and preparation for childbirth;
during the consultation, uses the applied kinesiology method, psycho-kinesiology.

gynaecological ultrasonography;
ultrasonography for pregnant women;
cardiotocography for the fetus;
kinesiological tapping during pregnancy;
office hysteroscopy;
ExEm foam ultrasound testing of tubal patency;
uterine examination - sonohysteroscopy;
intrauterine spiral administration and removal.

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Certified gynaecologist, US specialist.
diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological disorders;
care for pregnant women;
family planning, contraception;
treatment of menopause disorders;
gynaecological ultrasonography.

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Certified gynaecologist, member of the Latvian and European Contraceptive Association.
infertility diagnostics and treatment, including performing artificial insemination procedures;
gynaecological ultrasonography;
family planning and contraception;
treatment of menopause disorders;
monitoring of pregnancy;
treatment of menstrual disorders;
provides gynaecologist-endocrinologist consultations;
minor gynaecological surgery.

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Homeopathy is well suited in often ill patients, both children and adults. It strengthens immunity, reduces the frequency, severity and duration of the illness. Homeopathy does not rule out, but complements traditional treatments well.

- problems falling within the competence of the physician internist-therapist;
- treatment of the general organism in case of metabolic problems;
- disease prevention;
- infertility treatment;
- elimination of critical age periods: puberty, menopause, gerontological (ageing) problems;
- all types of rehabilitation: healthy lifestyle, hardening, breathing, etc.

For children:
- children who are often ill;
- allergic children;
- hyperactive children;
- with ear, neck and nose pathologies;
- preparation before surgery, vaccination;
- post-operative rehabilitation, vaccination, severe illness;
- the possibility to avoid LOR operations (adenotomy, tonsilectomy, middle ear bypass, etc.) through homeopathy;
- all types of rehabilitation: healthy lifestyle, hardening, breathing, etc.

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Cardiologist, arithmologist

Specialisation in non-invasive and invasive electrophysiology.

Advising arrhythmic patients and patients with glamorrhythmias to initiate or adjust therapy.
Carry out:
- Electrocardioversion;
- Procedures for ablation of atrium undulation;
- SVT diagnostics;
- AV node ablation procedures.

- cardiologist certificate (2016)
- non-invasive electrophysiology method certificate (2017)
- Invasive electrophysiology method certificate (2021)
- European heart rhythm Association (EHRA) level 1 certificate: heart stimulation and defibrilation (2015)
- European heart rhythm Association (EHRA) level 1 certificate: electrophysiology

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2020 - 2023. University of Latvia, Residency Development Program, doctor - specialist qualification in cardiology

2016 - 2019. University of Latvia, Residency Development Program, doctor - specialist qualification in internal medicine. Perform the tilt table test.

Consults in Latvian, Russian and English.

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Certified cardiologist, echocardiography specialist, exercise test specialist (VEM)
Work experience:
More than 30 years in the Latvian Cardiology Center and Outpatient Diagnostic Department of P. Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital.
Membership in associations:
- Latvian Association of Cardiologists;
- European Society of Cardiology;
- Latvian Society of Echocardiography.

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Certified cardiologist

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Certified cardiologist, internist and clinical physiologist. Obtained certificates in electrocardiography, exercise test with electrocardiography and standard transthoracic echocardiography methods. 20 years of experience in cardiology, working in the Latvian Cardiology Center of the P. Stradins Clinical University Hospital and in the Cardiology and Arrhythmology Departments of the Cardiology and Arrhythmology Departments of "Gaiļezers" Cardiovascular Diseases Clinic of the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital. 10 years of experience in sports cardiology and preventive examinations of athletes at the State Sports Medicine Center. The doctor independently performs:
- consultations;
- interpretation of electrocardiograms;
- echocardiography;
- cycle ergometry;
- interpretation of Holter monitoring results;
- interpretation of blood pressure monitoring results;
- preventive examinations of athletes.

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Certified cardiologist

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Certified cardiologist with more than 10 years of experience in the field of cardiology. Professional experience was gained in the treatment of cardiac patients, in the intensive care unit of cardiology, including in the treatment of acute and chronic heart rhythm disorders and diagnostics. Member of LKB and LĀB. Independently participates in clinical research projects on innovative solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. Lecturer in cardiology at RSU Department of Internal Medicine.
Consults patients from the age of 18.

Heart Failure
ischemic heart diseases - myocardial infarction, exertional angina pectoris
arterial hypertension
drug and non-drug treatment
diagnosis, follow-up, investigation

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Certified cardiologist and echocardiography specialist with 20 years of clinical experience.
Specializing in diagnostics and treatment of heart failure, valve diseases and diagnostics of cardiomyopathy.
15 years of experience in performing stress echocardiography. Has done internships in St Thomas and Guy’s hospital in London (United Kingdom).
Member of the Board of Governors of the Latvian Cardiologist Society (LKB) and LKB Echocardiography Working Group, Head of THE LKB Heart Failure Task Force.
More than 10 years of experience in setting up and running training courses for transthoracic, transesophageal and stress echocardiography. Professor in the Faculty of Medicine in Latvian University.

Specializing in:
Diagnosis and treatment of heart failure
Diagnosis of valve diseases and cardiomyopathy
Echocardiography in patients with cardiac resynchronization devices (CRT / CRT-D)

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A  certified cardiologist with specialisation in the treatment of  arrhythmias will investigate and advise patients with acute and chronic  heart rhythm disorders. More than 10 years of experience in Latvia, as  well as Fellowship in Invasive Arthmology Belgium. Member of the Latvian  Society for Cardiology and the European Heart Rhythm Association  (EHRA).

electrocardiograms, echocardiography tests
performing cardiac stress tests
cardiovascular zoning
setting and control of the cardiac rhythm monitor
recommendations and monitoring of treatment

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Certified doctor - specialist in implantation and programming of heart rhythm regulating and diagnostic devices.
Counsels patients with already implanted heart rhythm correcting devices and evaluates the need for implantation of these devices in patients with heart rhythm disorders.
More than 20 years of experience. working in Latvia, internship in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Member of the Association of Latvian Cardiac Surgeons.

implantation, programming, evaluation of heart rhythm regulating devices

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Endocrine surgeon - ultrasonography specialist, medical doctor
Thyroid and epithelial body surgeries, deep localised cyst and formation surgeries in the neck area are carried out.

- consultation of the surgeon;
- ultrasonography examinations for the abdominal cavity and thyroid gland
- the thyroid puncture is controlled by ultrasonography.

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Provides consultations in general surgery (diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases).

Provides consultations in transplantology (evaluates medical history and current state of health, and possible treatment methods).

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A surgeon
- Acute and elective abdominal surgery;
- Minimally invasive surgery - gall bladder operations;
- Hernia operations of the front wall of the abdomen (white line, navel, inguinal, postoperative hernia operations);
- Endocrine surgery (thyroid, parathyroid).

Education and qualifications:
- 1999 - 2005 Medical Faculty of the University of Latvia - doctor's degree
- 2005 - 2010 - RSU - Residency in surgery
- 2012 - 2015 year - RSU doctorate in surgery

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Operating surgeon with considerable experience in ambulatory surgery, treatment and diagnosis of surgical diseases and injuries. Provides outpatient consultations.
Laparoscopic operation:
gallstone problems,
all types of hernias: inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, white line, etc.

Specializes in:
- removal of benign formations of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and soft tissues (birthmarks, lipomas, papillomas, etc.);
- advises and treats leg vein disease, skin and subcutaneous infections (furuncle, rosacea),
- in cases of various skin and subcutaneous problems of hands, feet, fingers and toes,
- various bruises,
in cases of joint sprains and skin damage (abrasions, burns, etc.).
- dressing of wounds (including surgery).

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Certified clinical psychologist with significant work experience.

Anda  has a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in psychology and a  professional master's degree in social sciences in  psychology. Psychologist qualification - clinical psychologist. Training  in cognitive biheivioral therapy (CBT).

teens and adults,
parents on various issues related to parenting,
crisis management issues.

When arriving to an appointment, take the following:
The results of previous examinations - blood tests,
Description of the image diagnosis.

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Certified masseuse, in addition to her professional education, she studied neuroenergetic kinesiology (Hugo Tobar International Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute program Australia) and holistic massage at the Stanislav Chenonog Vector School of Massage and Somatics in Moscow.

When providing massage services, various massage techniques are combined: lymphatic drainage, vacuum (bank), gua-sha and segmental techniques, foot reflexology, postisometric relaxation and breathing techniques.

Therapeutic and relaxing massages:
- in cases of myofascial pain and various pathologies;
- segmental, differentiated massage for restoring muscle tone, joint movements after operations, injuries;
- classic facial, buccal massage and lymphatic drainage massage;
- massage for pregnant women;
- massage of children and babies;
- relaxing massages to improve the psycho-emotional state (aromatherapy, hot stone, foot reflector and champi head massage, Ayurvedic massages);
- various rejuvenating and body treatments – modeling massage, bank massage, paraffin baths for hands, honey massage and body wrapping in algae;
- physical procedures: ultrasound, magnetic therapy, cryotherapy, TENS and taping.

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Professional masseur and sports trainer.
full body massage;
sports massage;
massage with cupping;
aromatherapy massage;
lulur body procedure;
champi massage;
massage with hot stones.
Provides group gymnastics for seniors, pregnant women, children and parents with children.

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Masseur with work experience in an Ayurvedic centre in India and SPA centre in China.
therapeutic body massage;
sports massage;
massage for pregnant women;
aromatherapy massage;
massage with hot stones;
algae body wrap.

Neurology, manual therapy (applied kinesiology)
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Consults and treats patients with diseases or injuries of the brain, spinal cord, nervous system, and other neurosurgical conditions.

Mastered and refined neurosurgical skills in the United States, Austria, France, and other countries.

- Treatment of brain and skull tumors;
- Treatment of spinal cord and spine tumors;
- Treatment of hydrocephalus;
- Treatment of Chiari malformations;
- Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia (microvascular decompression);
- Treatment of intervertebral disc herniations;
- Treatment of spinal canal stenosis;
- Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome.

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Certified pediatric neurologist. Graduated from Latvian Medical Academy (now Riga Stradin University).
More than 20 years of experience in child neurology and pediatrics. Professional education was supplemented by attending seminars and professional qualification courses in Germany, France, Poland, Russia. Regularly participates in the congresses and organized trainings of the Society of Neurologists, Children's Neurologists, and Pediatricians in Latvia and abroad.

Specializes in:
- neonates and infants in neurology;
- consults on issues related to neurology for preschool children
- neurosonography of newborns and infants.

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Certified  neurologist, advises children and adults with neurological diseases.  Performs Doppler sonography of blood vessels of the head and neck.
Specialises in consulting patients who have:
epilepsy and other seizures;
speech and concentration disturbances.

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Certified neurologist. In specialty has been working for 45 years. Also specialized in allergology and psychosomatic medicine. The diseases to be treated include:
- muscular dystonia;
- spinal pain and functional disorders
- movement, imbalance;
- Parkinson's disease;
- seizure-like conditions - epilepsy and similar syndromes, vegetative seizures, neuroses, anxiety and depressive conditions, post-trauma consequences.

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Neurologist,  manual therapist (applied kinesiology). Lecturer at the Jazeps Vitols  Academy of Music. Conducts seminars at the School of Applied  Kinesiology.
Consults patients with:
spinal pain and other pain syndromes;
posture pathologies;
headaches and dizziness;
seizure-like states (panic attacks, epilepsy);
tingling sensation.

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Certified  osteo-reflexotherapist. Doctor of Medical Sciences.
As a research associate at LU EKMI under the leadership of prof. G. Jankovskis, has participated in the development and research of the ORT method.
Member of the ORT Association, member of the Certification Commission, is entitled to train doctors in osteoreflexotherapy.
Author  of more than 60 scientific publications, 7 inventions, 3 booklets on ORT, 2 books.
ORT is used in the treatment of:
- bone and joint diseases (pain and movement limitations in the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, toes, fingers, etc.);
- back disorders (pain, tightness of the neck, chest, lumbar spine);
- osteoporosis, non-healing bone fractures;
- depression,
- senestopathies;
- alcohol, nicotine addiction;
- other diseases.

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Certified pediatric neurologist. Graduated from Latvian Medical Academy (now Riga Stradins University).
More than 20 years of experience in child neurology and pediatrics. Professional education was supplemented by attending seminars and professional qualification courses in Germany, France, Poland, Russia. Regularly participates in the congresses and organized trainings of the Society of Neurologists, Children's Neurologists, and Pediatricians in Latvia and abroad.

Specializes in:
- neonates and infants in neurology;
- consults on issues related to neurology for preschool children
- neurosonography of newborns and infants

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Regularly updates knowledge and participates in international conferences and congresses, prepares
educational materials for parents of allergic patients.
Membership in organizations: EAACI (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology),
Latvian Association of Allergists, Latvian Association of Pediatric Allergists and Pulmonologists, Latvia
Association of Pediatricians, Association of Latvian Doctors.

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Certified  psychotherapist, art therapist, Bach Flower therapist, psychologist,  supervisor, with 26 years experience in field of psychology. Dr. of  Psychological Sciences. Ms. Mihailova is author and co-author of many  scientific publications and books about art therapy, psychology, since  2002 Rigas Stradinu University lecturer.
Advisory psychology
The dance and movement therapy
The integrative-eclectic art therapy
Bach Flower therapy
Crises therapy with EMDR
Fairy-tale therapy
Psycho diagnostics
Tanzpro groups for parents with children

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Internationally certified psychotherapist  with a Master’s Degree in psychology (LU), graduated from the French  Institute for Psycho Organic Analysis, member of the Latvian  Psychotherapy Association and the European Association for  Psychotherapy. Uses psycho organic analysis.

Sports medicine
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Sports doctor with long-term experience in sports medicine, gained while working at the National Sports Medicine Center, as well as working as a team sports doctor in the national team and club teams in cycling, hockey, basketball, rugby.

Gain practical experience in performing the duties of a sports doctor in international competitions, where emergency aid in cases of injury must be provided promptly, medical solutions in other acute cases and treatment of injuries must be provided. In addition, she regularly gives lectures to nurses, family doctors, RSU students.

Provides consultations and medical assistance to both physical and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts and professional athletes.

Traumatology - orthopedics
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Certified  traumatologist

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Resident traumatologist
Accepts patients from the age of 18.
Consults in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Performs intra-articular blockades. Provides kinesiology taping services.

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Certified  traumatologist orthopedist. More than 25 years of experience in  traumatology and orthopedics. Member of the Latvian wrist surgery,  arthroscopy and sports orthopaedic association, as well as ESSKA  (European Society for Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and  Arthroscopy).

Advise patients with:
joint pain and restrictions, particularly knee, shoulder and foot joints;
congenital and acquired joint deformation;
soft tissue damage (muscle, tendon).

joint endoscopic and reconstructive procedures;
injection in the joints.

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Performs ultrasound (USG) examinations:

- of the abdominal organs;
- of the thyroid gland;
- of the musculoskeletal system;
- ultrasound-guided minimally invasive procedures.

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Certified radiologist.
Performs ultrasonography examinations for diagnostic or disease control purposes, their descriptions and analysis, provides consultations.

Carry out the following examinations:
- ultrasonoscopy for superficial tissues and musculoskeletal system;
- ultrasonoscopy of organs of the abdominal cavity (liver, pancreas, gall bladder, bile ducts, spleen, etc.).
Accepts patients from the age of 16. Consults in Latvian, Russian and English.

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Certified radiologist with experience in diagnostic radiology, oncology and radiotherapy.
Performs the following examinations:
abdominal ultrasound;
US for thyroid gland;
US for breasts;
US for lymph nodes;
US for prostate (transabdominally), with residual urine detection.

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Certified  urologist. Infertility treatment specialist. Practising urology since  2008. Member of the Latvian and European Association of Urologists (LUA/EUA), and member of the European Society for Human Reproduction and  Embryology (ESHRE).

- general examination,
- diagnosis and treatment of male and female urological diseases, including ultrasonography;
- counselling of couples in cases of infertility;
- diagnosis and treatment of male infertility using both therapeutic and surgical treatment (TESA, PESA).
- diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections;
- diagnosis and treatment of erection and ejaculatory dysfunctions;
- diagnosis and treatment of male reproductive endocrinology disorders;
- diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases, including kidney stone disease;
- diagnosis and treatment of urinary bladder diseases, including urinary tract infection and urinary incontinence;
- diagnosis and treatment of prostate, penile and testicle diseases;
- oncological patient counselling and surveillance;
- annual prophylactic urologist examination.

Dietetics (nutrition)
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- Riga Stradiņa University's professional bachelor's degree in health care and nutritionist qualification, "Nutrition" program;
- Member of the Association of Latvian Diet and Nutrition Specialists (LDUSA);
- Certified medical practitioner (LAPPOS certificate).

Provides the following services:
- Nutritional recommendations in case of various diseases (gout, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, arterial hypertension, metabolic syndrome, obesity, digestive tract disorders, kidney diseases, oncological and other chronic diseases);
- Nutritional recommendations at different stages of life (pregnancy or planning a pregnancy, during the lactation period, teenagers, infants - starting complementary feeding, etc.);
- Develops a personalized diet plan for weight correction, in case of various allergies (allergist's conclusion), for patients with a vegetarian diet.

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Provides consultations on
the basic principles of a healthy diet according to age and lifestyle, as well as the correct dietary regime in cases of various diseases:
- digestive disease;
- cardiovascular disease
- metabolic, kidney, liver and biliary diseases;
- in the event of food allergies and product intolerance.

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Member of the the Nutritionist-Dietitian's Association of Latvia. Member of the Latvian Aerobics Association.
Advises adults, children and athletes on healthy nutrition and physical activity.

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