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Ultrasonography, dopplerography and cardiography examinations with the latest generation diagnostic equipment:

  • abdominal ultrasound

  • thyroid gland ultrasound

  • breast ultrasound

  • soft tissue ultrasound

  • lymph node ultrasound

  • prostate ultrasound (transabdominal or transrectal)

  • testicular ultrasound

  • gynaecological US, US for pregnant women

  • US of the leg veins

  • US of the leg arteries

  • Brachiocephalic duplex scan with colour dopplerography and spectrum analysis in children and adults

  • transcranial duplex dopplerography with spectrum analysis and colour coded duplex dopplerography with spectrum analysis in children and adults

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Echocardiogram

Laboratory services - all analyses available at E.Gulbis Laboratory.


Spermogram, semen DNA detection.

Rules to be followed before testing sperm: [read more here]

  • To abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 3 but not more than 5 days (no ejaculation)

  • It is recommended not to use alcohol or drugs for at least 7 days before the spermogram.

  • This test should not be performed after a sleepless night.

  • If the patient has taken antibiotics, it is advisable to do the analysis no sooner than one month after the end of use

  • Before collecting the semen, it is advisable to urinate and wash the external genitalia so that the bacteria do not adhere to the semen

  • The semen is collected by masturbation

  • The semen is collected in a container received in the laboratory

  • If the semen is collected at home, it must be delivered to the laboratory within a maximum of one hour, keeping it warm


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