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When should a girl visit the gynecologist for the first time?

We typically recommend the first visit when a girl reaches the age of 16. During the appointment, we will discuss the current process of menstruation, so it is suggested you take the menstrual calendar with you. If your period has not yet been scheduled or not yet started, we will jointly investigate the reproductive health status and if necessary find the best method of contraception.

Under what circumstances men are advised to visit andrologist?

A visit to andrologist is suggested in case of different male genitalia-related complaints, infertility clearance, as well as for any man over 40 years, to carry out preventive interventions.

What does the “couples appointment” mean?

Complex andrologist and gynecologist visits adopt couples who have problems with conceiving a baby. Jointly we will draw up a plan for further investigations, as well as provide a discussion of possible treatment.

When would I need a gynecological massage?

Gynecological massage is recommended for women in case of infertility or sexual problems.

Is the clinic performing a state-funded screening for cervical cancer prevention?

At the clinic this screening is available by pre-arranged appointment.

Is it possible to do a vaccination against cervical cancer at the clinic?

Yes, this facility is available. To apply for the service and find out specific pricing, please contact our administration.

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